Monday, March 01, 2010

Something I need to say

It's all for Emotion,

What goes on between you and me..

All the love and affection,

giving a thousand smiles to you and me..

Though there are no debts to pay

for the gifts i have been given...

There is something I need to say,

though my heart's never spoken...

It's not about love proportions,

Nor about you or me..

No not about our dispositions

nor our life's serendipity

I could display memories

of how blissful time has been

I could even play the melodies

of how enchanting love has been

We could even mark anniversaries

and celebrate what has been

We could pray for our love's centenaries

for the times we have not yet seen

We could be lost in this moment

Forget what was and what can be

Make love fill every passing second

with lots and lots of new memories

There is a lot more we can do

a lot more i can speak

find love in everything we do

and in your dreams retreat

But I am here today to say ..

say something true to you

something i might have said every day

and that is that I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU