Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The road not taken

It's a magical little road,
unwinding from the shores
taking many twists and turns
being the path that shall help you return

You have stayed away for long
and want to be back where you belong
into the cushions of the familiars
for the remaining of life's years ... 

It's there for you to take,
waiting only for the choice you make...
walking on it shall be an icing on the cake...
only you are wondering if it would be a big mistake...

You are lost and close your eyes
to free yourself from the dilemma's reprise..
but you dont find the answer you seek,
for the fear of the fruits you shall reap..

but it's going to be there one day
you will walk the road someday...
you might as well make up your mind today
for life might not give you another day