Monday, January 12, 2015

What is gone is gone

Of so many moments I could pen,
Would Fail to choose, If I were to begin.
Each moment so deep, ingrained in my soul,
Each moment so pure, untouched by foul.

Know not I, which strings they play..
the chords they pull, the meodies they lay.
Every moment so full, of sadness or joy,
Every moment known, from the times gone by.

A poet's heart they summon, urging him to write,
saying so very often, we want to come to life.
Only a look of despair they get, from the poet they seek,
As he carries not anymore, the burdens they keep.

The guilt of betrayal, does not haunt him though,
Rather be honest, than put on a beautiful show.
What has gone is gone, with every moment lived true,
What is now is real, and it's history shall be new.

For when life goes on, why be left behind...
it comes only once, wasted with every rewind..
what has gone is gone, but it has made me,
what is now isn't aloof, for that is also me.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meet you tonight.....

The stumbling steps and sleepy sighs,
An eager embrace, those eloquent eyes...
The mesmerizing charms, spell binding smiles,
A perfect welcome, after all those miles..

Day after day, miles after miles,
between you and me, these moments sublime...
Yet, day after day, before each miles,
the heart yearns for the same, one more time...

Fleeting moments these, do not fly,
Every day a romance new, fills our lives..
With such love for you, lines these I write,
With lines these for you, I am coming back again tonight....

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ab Nibhana hai tujhpe, ei-zindagi

Kaise jiyen jaa rahein hain, hum tujhe ei-zindagi..
Ek manzil hai nahin, kai manzilein ei-zindagi..
paane ki hai khwahishein aseem ei-zindagi...
khone ki hai gunjayish, har lamhe mein ei-zindagi...

Teri khatir ya meri khatir jiyun, bata ei-zindagi..
Iss sahi aur us galat mein kyun hai uljhi ei-zindagi..
Kuch hai paana kuch hai khona kabhi hasna kabhi hai rona,
kyun inn aise tukadoan se judke banti hai tu ei-zindagi..

Aa dekh mujhko, kya main hoon aks tera?
Kya mujh mein hai dekhta tujhko lakshya tera?
Phir kyun judti hai tu har lamhe se mere?
Kyun hai bandhi tu har dhadkan se mere?

Tujko jeeene ke hai qaiydey ye kehte hai log yahaan..
Tere ehsaas ko kehte hain sab anmol yahaan..
Teri shartoan aur sharaaratoan se samjhauta karne ko kehtey hain sab log yahaan..
Khud se tudkar tujh se judne ko kehtey hain sab log yahaan..

Nahi gila na shikwa mujhe tujhse ei-zindagi...
hai alag ya juda raasta, nahi pata mujhe ei-zindagi...
Hai pata mujho wo raza jo is dil mein pal rahi...
jo mai jiya hoon aur jiyunga wo bane pehchaan meri..
judna gar hai tujhko usse se to jud jaana ei-zindagi...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mere ban jao na

Mere ban jao naa.
Khol kar apni baahein, mujhko unmein samao na.
Hai tumse ab guzarish yehi...
Meri saansoan mein akke bas jao na..
Mere ban jao na...

Apni iss hasi se mujhko behkao naa,
Rahoon madhoshi mein main sadaa,
Aisi apni kashish mujh mein bhar jao na,
Hosh mein mujhko ab tum mat lao na...
Mere ban jao na...

Khona na mujhko yaara tum ab kabhi,
Rona na ho ab mujhe phir kabhi,
Aise mere daaman ko tum,
Apni hasi se hi bhar jao na,
Mere ban jao na...

Hai dua mere dil ki bas ab yehi,
Aakey mere khwaaboan mein, wahi bas jao na...
Apne narm haathoan se mujhko sehlao na...
Jaagon na mai ab kabhi,
Aise meri neendoan mein tum jag jao na...
Mere ban jao na...

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Why have the words gone???

Where have the words gone, I often wonder
Looking at my past, a dark gloomy yonder..
Do I feel not, anything anymore?
Or is it just that life has become a chore..
But how can that be, when no breath is a bore?
How can that be, when i wish for nothing more?

Aah! maybe therein lies the answer I seek,
Maybe there is nothing of nothingness to speak..
Maybe that is why the words have run dry..
Life feels so full and filled with Joy..
But how can it be that sorrows dont haunt?
But how can it be, no situations now daunt?

Aah! Now I see why you sport that smile..
Now I find that I sought, back a while...
It has been you taking all that away,
It is you, why my glooms, fears and thorns allay...
I still feel all and each feeling, everyday new..
But words don't flow, because I don't need them,
When I am with you.....