Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Why have the words gone???

Where have the words gone, I often wonder
Looking at my past, a dark gloomy yonder..
Do I feel not, anything anymore?
Or is it just that life has become a chore..
But how can that be, when no breath is a bore?
How can that be, when i wish for nothing more?

Aah! maybe therein lies the answer I seek,
Maybe there is nothing of nothingness to speak..
Maybe that is why the words have run dry..
Life feels so full and filled with Joy..
But how can it be that sorrows dont haunt?
But how can it be, no situations now daunt?

Aah! Now I see why you sport that smile..
Now I find that I sought, back a while...
It has been you taking all that away,
It is you, why my glooms, fears and thorns allay...
I still feel all and each feeling, everyday new..
But words don't flow, because I don't need them,
When I am with you.....


  1. wonderful..and a beautiful reflection on life after marriage:)


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