Monday, April 12, 2010

Whence comes this feeling Wherefore it comes to me...

Whence comes this feeling
Wherefore it comes to me...
Wherein do i receive aforementioned
When calls it an intruder, the inner me

Within lie fears and doubts
The temptations come from without.
Within has given life strength throughout
Aiding me in fighting evils that rise from without

" Hitherto, why aloof were thee?
Ad hoc how will accommodate you, the inner me
Granting i lay trust despite your guile
Would you go for me, that extra mile.

Sly, you blind reason within me
believe not I, though know I you, as enemy
Proof though you give, against your crime
how do I know thou were not abetted by time. "

It's oversight that kills the sense in me
While it excites the senses in me..
Where from does come this feeling
Why does it come to me


  1. Wow.. no words bro...
    lovely :D

    So, at last Mr. Dashing is back in action ..

    have missed you bro

  2. I dont understand poetry much:(


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