Friday, June 25, 2010

The day I fell into the pit.

The day I fell,
into the pit.
The first thought,
when I got to sit.
Wasn't about love or hate,
nor the harshness of fate,
but the chill of having made,
yet again the same mistake,
off letting go that which made,
my life a lovely serenade.

But I shall never learn,
that right, never earn,
because I have to be me,
and if that is all i have to be,
then it is how I shall live,
take all that life will give,
be it pains from memories,
or moments of joys and melodies
For I have to be true to me
the one who shall be
with me through everything
making sure, i keep living
in this world, I still love
Though I know not how.


  1. well written bro.Says a lot.

  2. i liked the ending lines that you love the world but dont know how to love it! ;)

  3. nicely phrased!


  4. nicely phrased!


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