Thursday, March 24, 2011

where it all began

seeking the stars ??
naah closed are the eyes
dreams woven...
silken skies
winds are cold
jittery vibes
a shackle breaks
a big mistake
heart forgets to take a beat
all thats left is brainy meat
dryness within
looking outside for air
it's not strife, no measure of despair..
plain and simple ..
complete not yet
but whats complete
i forget
thirsty yes.. not a drink i seek ...
it's the bane of strength ..
not the curse of meek
not the bliss of solitude ..
the pain of solace
not the words of hope...
the daggers of dark
not the slumber of death..
the life's seista tears me apart ..
i seek not that which lies beyond
the mists of time .. and places of yore
i seek that which lays within
inside an abyssmal lair
where it all begins

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