Friday, May 29, 2009

Towards a new destiny .

There rises a desire to live today..
it feels like it's gonna be a new day...
Face wet from fresh dew of the lawn..
Venue of battles I fought from dusk to dawn...

I can now feel the sun rising, its shining..
I feel the connection, my living...
It's a new beginning, a new day..
As I gear up for life ahead, making hay...

Some faces were lost in the night..
their memories follow me through the light...
Maybe it's more than faces,more than memories..
maybe it's a part of my life's song, it's melodies...

So, I sing a new song full of life for me..
A tribute to what they shared with me...
So what if what prevailed was destiny ..
I know my tributes shall last for an eternity..
As i rise towards a new destiny .


  1. Hi Sid...

    After a long time man....

    Where were you...? kurnool?

    Well i ahve only one world for this poem..Simply beautiful.. Good one..

    Your new template is good..i liked it..:)


  2. *Sigh*
    Serene for sure! Reading your work after such a long time!! And I feel that I made the right decision by coming back here...


  3. Nice.. Would love to feel that way.. :|

  4. Hello Sid, long time since I saw something new here...write more are you doing?

  5. Sounds nice. Sounds hopeful. Heep up the good cheer.

  6. The entire poem is fabulous...each line has its own significance..and I can connect with every line..All the lines are my favorite...
    Great!! Keep up the good work!!
    This is the first time I have come across something like this..

  7. fabulous!
    d last 2 stanza's ...exactly wot i tried sayin thru my last to last post,but u said it here beautifully n effortlessly...:)

    enchanted illusionz

  8. beautiful expression touchy words!

  9. I guess only one word can sum it all up
    'beautiful' :)


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