Friday, October 30, 2009

change .....

Is it ominous?
something transpired
from the heart to my brains..

what happened ?
the mind transcended
the cusp of ideals and irony

am i lost ?
a travel has engendered
as seasons around seem to love change..

am i in cognizance ??
a dream has shattered
a catharsis of emotions is expected again...

so there is a change ???
a loss has been borne, one that of faith
you may, if you wish, give it an appellation of change...


  1. This is great!! I likee ur style of writin...
    n Yeah, it is change then... :)

    Keep writin... Someone's there to read..

  2. Heyy Sid!!!
    How you been??
    Hows everything going??

  3. It doesn't seem like love..then it's definately - Growing up! :P

  4. Brother ... where have you been. I miss you be.
    ab jyada bakaiti na ker ..jaldi se contact ker.


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