Monday, March 09, 2009

A Love's definition

Is there an apropos definition
of what Love means to thee..
can there ever be a classification
of the love you have for others and me ..

It's just simple pulchritudinous emotions
free from logic, intertwined with destinies..
Relationships christen it with appellations
impose constraints, beget us responsibilities..

There is a lot of chaos and confusion,
time wasted in effort to comprehend it's gravity...
take a closer look at the real situation,
Your love is all about what you have for them or me..

My love is not based on a condition,
but neither is it available for free...
No wonder they call it a divine connection,
between them and us, you and me..


  1. 1st para...
    No dude there is no definition for LOVE as for as i know...It was never defined, for it was just expressed..
    2nd para..
    a little complicated that was .but is true..
    3rd para..
    Yes people waste lot of time in just figuring out what it is...May be thye just dont want to take chances by making an infatuation take a flight of LOVE...But yes its important my dear friend,for LOVE is always precious..
    4th para..
    Yes its not based on condition ..

    Good one sid.... :) i enjoyed..

  2. @ mahesh ..
    thanks .. and reg. the first para .. that is what i have said .. is it possible for me to define or classify love ???? no it is not ..


  3. Perceptions of love differ frm individuals. Do not compare or even barter. It is pure as raindrop and only those who experience it can enjoy the nectar of life. It is not simple but the sanctity must be preserved to understand of what evolves out of it. It is serenely divine and a nature's gift 2 humanity.
    Preserve and u will enjoy. God bless.

  4. @ jayaram ...
    well said sir ..
    thank you fr dropping by

  5. Beautifully expressed... Love surely can't be defined and I guess the toughest question to answer is- can there ever be a classification
    of the love you have for others and me .. Loved the direction you have taken in this...

  6. @ thinking soul

    Thanks dear .. glad u liked it ..
    and well as per me there is no classification of love ... the relationships do have their priorities imposed by the duties they bring along with them ..but the emotion of love and it's intensity for them and for someone else .... is the same ..

  7. *Grrr... Problems! Posting this for a third time!*

    Love... Well bro'. I make no bones when I say it is "tantalizing". Of course, that is purely my opinion...

    And somewhere... Reading your lines, I got that feeling, again. May be it wasn't your intent. Yet.

    ** Relationships christen it with appellations
    impose constraints, beget us responsibilities..
    - That, especially, was bloody good!

    Profound lines.

    Peace. Be well.

  8. That said though, I didn't mean to define/brand "love" as tantalizing.


  9. @ kartz ..
    the bottom line is to differentiate between emotions and relationships .. next to answer .. what is love ? an emotion or a relationship ??

    when i asked my father tht i love my mom and i love this girl mom does not like .. who do i hurt whom do i choose .. he said girl .. I din understand that then .. he tld me i wud figure it out sm day .. today i have that figured out .. he said so because the relationship i would have with tht girl would be of man and wife and there is no relationship with a greater priority ... see the priorities, the restrictions the responsibilities are all dictated by the relationship .. the emotion however is the same for all

    thanks for dropping by ...

  10. Yes... Reminds me of a post on your older blog where you had spoke of emotions and relationships. "Emotions with many, a relationship with one."

    And now that u related tht incident, I gotta wait till I am in a soup of tht kind to make it out for myself. Will remember this, if it is to happen.

    ** thanks for dropping by ...
    - As if this is my first time here. :P


  11. @ kartz ...
    yeah its pretty much the same idea ...

    @ richa ..

  12. Hmmm..i am sorry for the confusion and thanks for clearing it ...:)

  13. pulchritudinous .....goin to look it up now...

    nice poem except I think love has to be free


  14. splendid bro...i loved the ending

  15. @ akshaya

    yes love is free .. i have said the same .. love is not bound by rules relationships are ..

  16. But dont u hink that the relationships we are cocooned in decide the limits of our love...
    They bind us forever ..and many times dont let us do things we want to do for ur loved ones...and vice versa..The emotion may be the same..that the 'tag of relationship" decides everthing else..How many times we r under constrains coz of this qestion.." Who Im I to interfere in his/her life" U may love a person to death..but wats the use wen cant be there for each other?

  17. @ anonymous .. please leave ur name ..

    yes exactly .. that is what i meant to convey in the last 2 lines of my second para ....

  18. Nice..
    Emotions truly can never be defined , neither can relations be . There are so many people we meet who are much more than friends , and one does not mind doing anything to make that person happy..
    We humans do funny things at times, and sadly at our own cost.. all for Love ..
    U mentioned that there is no relationship greater than that of a Man and Woman , I beg to differ . I somehow do not agree that relations can be compared . I think each relation occupies a separate space in our mind . Even 2 friends cannot be compared , I have many friends , and each one of them is important to me in their own special way .
    Similarly my relation with my Ma is Distinct and cannot be compared with that with my Girl Friend/Wife . Both mean a lot to a man ,its a very difficult choice that you had said , the girl u love or the woman who gave you life ... a tough one definitely !!
    People do chose one over the other but that's due to circumstances , they do not actually "Rate" a relation over another , it is just the situation , the environment which more often than not dictate terms ..

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. @ arnav

    no dear .. the reason i said that was simple ..
    see a husband wife relationship is the center of our world .. to be elaborate when we are born we are on the circumference of a world that centers around our parents .. both being the center .. concurrent ... as we grow we create our own sphere , our own circle and soon we become a center on whose circumference lie our parents .. then wen we get married there is a fusion of two centers .. this center is the one thing that holds everything together .. it is primary and it is of utmost importance .. if this breaks the aftershocks affect everyone .. hence that priority .. while we may say that we cannot set priorities the fact of life is that we do .. we have to ... just think about it and think of situations you have been in already .. you wil realise ..

  21. i still don't agree :D that we can compare two relations . See I agree that the relation of a man and a woman is important. In fact it is the only relation which is not shared ( generally ) . Your wife is only your wife - there is no other relation that one does not share .

    I understand once married , one has to keep this relations stable else everything else crumbles .
    what I am trying to say that you cannot prioritize between these . For eg: Suppose one's ma is sick, very sick and on the other hand his wife is going through labour pains , what would he do ?
    Would he simply ignore one and attend to another ... I think he would attend to one and make arrangement for another , and where the man goes completely depends on the situation , if the mom is critical he would go to her , else he wud go to his wife..
    It completely depends on the situation..

  22. @ Arnav ..
    he he .. ok I concede in this scenario .. :)
    but i will still hold on to my belief .. though am nt saying your's is wrong ... it's right for you ... and maybe i am wrong .. but hey thats the beauty of a perception .. :)

  23. :) True , The beauty of perception is it has multiple faces.. We both are looking at the same thing but from different places :)

  24. @ anonymous ...
    you cud leave a signature next time on ... say "anon" . tht shud suffice .. thanks

  25. well, the content is undoubtedly cool....and yet your freelance writing has done much to enhance the effect..and yes, your observations are right...besides the central theme of many of your writings revolve around unconditional relationships...and I'm all for it..
    The curious mix of casual observation and profound philosophy gels well to create a effective impact..

  26. Hi Sid,
    Sorry fr the delayed response

    Words like 'true love', 'unconditional love', 'love at first sight' continue to baffle me..

    Love can really never be defined in words

  27. @ madhav

    thanks dude

    @ swats ...

    should i explain them to you ?

  28. I am indeed impressed! It seems as if the emotion is true... is it?

  29. Ur poetry is unique,takes up bold subjects and is food for soul..
    But, this poem sounds more like prose than poetry..Some "X Factor" is missing..May be coz its too wordy..or may be Im having problem perceiving it!!
    Wen I read ur previous was like listening to a tranquil tune..The missing now..Or may be only I feel this way..

  30. @ anon .. yes you are right .. there is a difference .. a big one ..
    generally i write what i feel or am feeling at tht moment in time .. this was more of a preaching than my feeling .. i myself find tht diff .. and u r the first one to notice it ..
    i prefer writing in hidi actually .. urdu mixed with it ..but nt many wud understand that here .. :)

  31. Oh,may be if u write it in simple words people will appreciate it..try it once..

  32. @ anon
    here are a few links from my old blog .. the ones i did write in hindi

  33. Khuda main..
    Its brilliant..Yes..Im convinced tha u write better in Urdu..
    Its true..fate and death spare no one..

  34. My love is not based on a condition,
    but neither is it available for free...

    Best Lines of the poem..

  35. R U emotionally upset or dejected? There seems 2 b some sadness, anger and frustration between the lines. One needs 2 get hurt and overcome the pain 2 succeed in u r vision and ambition. Stop brooding an get on with everything. God bless.

  36. @ jayaram

    I guess I have fought a long hard battle too early in life .. I have managed to put it all in the right perspective now .. not behind .. but in the right perspective.

  37. hey...ur diction s too good n it has not messed up wit t flow or feel....just keep going:-)

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