Saturday, February 28, 2009

My life's story he paints..

I hold in my hand a color palette...
lies in front of me a canvas, immaculate.
The colors are still wet, their color still fresh...
Strokes of serenity await,  a soaked brush.

Vivid is the picture, desires engender it's  intensity...
Ambitions render it depth, bring actions profundity.
The search for purpose fuels, casts lights and shades...
Sense of fulfillment completes the portrait, life's image.

The artist in me, for his happiness yearns....
With a brush and palette about colors of joy, he learns.
My head,heart and hands he uses, they despise pains...
Happy moments fill the canvas, my life's story he paints.


  1. first para is lovely...

    great post buddy

  2. Quoting Danny Kaye, “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”

  3. This is a good poem

    Just a thought - the true colors of serenity is White...does not mean that life is colorless - its just that you can repaint on it with what you want :)

  4. beautiful! Only u can write something this deep in such a simple way. It's a talent u hv.

    Now all my colors hv turned to grey
    And here I cannot continue to stay...
    So let me fly away in silence
    And come bak with colors o so vibrant

    :) Just my 2 cents before I leave. TY for everything and u TC ok. Will miss ur work here!


  5. One of your best works! Definitely NOT stereotyped! :)

    Happy moments fill the canvas, my life's story he paints.

    Life is full of happy moments, vibrant colors. The sad ones fade away into nothing, as fresh vibrant ones take their place! I am taking a print of this poem, and sticking it on my Cubicle. With proper credits ofcourse! :)

  6. @007
    haan bhai its for you also to understand ... we make our moods, our moments and our life ..
    glad u liked it

  7. @ ceedy .. thanks for the appreciation ... and white represents serene .. yes but what makes up white ??? proper mix of all the colors .. isnt it ???

  8. @ keshi ...
    awwww... be back soon .. miss ya ..

  9. @ shiv ..
    aww sir, nw am blushing .. thanks ..

  10. There is an artist in everyone. One who waits to express... Be heard. Be felt.

    We act out our life's script. Pretty much impromptu considering we do not know our script! Subtly, we paint our lives too... The blending of colours with each passing moment...

    Profound words, mate.


  11. ambition gives deapth to life indeed...nice write up..nd kudos 2 the effort on my part 2 try nd post this comment.

  12. i m happy... i m happy to write a happy bhai post :) compare to ur previous blog, i m glad to see that change in u Sid :)
    u know i m not a big fan of post but u made this one crystal clear for me, thank u :)

  13. @ akshaya ..
    well thanks for helping me sort out the problem .. many ppl complained about it ....

    glad u liked it and yes ambitions do do that lest we would have no self-defined purpose ..

  14. @ cess

    thank you di ... glad u got this one clear..

  15. The way u develop ideas and craft ur wording is...personal and unique..Reading ur poems gives me a sense of satisfaction..
    All the colors wen mixed up give all experiences(good or bad) make up a person's life..But it takes pain to accept this fact..Beautiful thought..

  16. @ anonymous ... thanks yet again .. but i wud really appreciate if you send me ur name .. if not publicly ateast by mail ..

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  18. Hmmm so ppl out there write poems on one liners ha?
    good one i liked it..
    life is a canvas,..must be a painter who said this..

  19. This was beautiful...Simply put, it captures Life and its vivacity!

    Keep posting, M sure a lot of people look forward to readin this, Including me! :)

  20. @ mahesh
    Thanks for dropping by ..glad u liked it..
    though my style is diff .. i never think of a topic .. and findin the right topic is the hardest thing for me ... so after i wrote the poem .. i found this painting , pic rather and hence put it up there .. the poem however is not inspired by the pic ..

  21. where did my comment go?? :((

    but this is beautiful :)

  22. lovely!
    loved the 1st verse a lot!
    keep it flowing..

  23. very nice.
    liked the simlicity.

  24. Nice poem...
    The other poems are also amazing..
    Life truly said is canvas.... and we should learn to enjoy its vibrancy :)

  25. Interesting...
    Sometimes people write peoms on title...and u did the reverse... :)
    In case of prose other than poems, one has to write story first,think of title later...

    i like to visit such space again..:)
    I left a reply for you on the same topic on which you dropped a question for me.

    Take care sid...:)

  26. @ richa ..
    hey there was a problem due to the alpha numeric verification thing ... i hv removed it ... thanks .. glad u liked it

  27. @ matangi ..

    welcome to my blog dear .. thanks ..
    MIP ..
    glad u liked it ...

  28. @ arnav ..
    welcome here .. thanks man ..

    @ mahesh .. i will be there asap .. :)

  29. Heyy,

    You are an artist my friend. Great I met you. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will keep coming back.



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