Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Reclamation has begun

The pen name of descrying the shadows will forever be dear to me as it shall stand as a hallmark of a phase of my life which showed me the abyss of my weaknesses, the strengths of my charachter, a true picture of what I really am and lessons I shall remember for life..

I start the reclamation with a new blog, a new spirit.. wish me luck


  1. Bonne chance! Good to have you back...

    Peace. Be well.

  2. welcome back :)

    May all the luck be urs and hopefully, u donot strike again the idea of 'self imposed hiatus' :D

  3. My Good wishes always with you, dude.

    Welcome back as the blogger, as active as ever before.

  4. @ praveen
    thanks :)
    @ tushar ..
    thanks dude ..

  5. I am sure it will be a hit!All the best :)

  6. heyyyyyyyyyyy
    welcomeeeeeee bacccccccc
    love the new look
    keep rocking


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