Thursday, February 19, 2009

We are meant to be..

It was a spark, a sudden burst of energy,
showing me a glimpse of my destiny...
It was a sound,an enchanting melody,
ringing in my life,harmony
It was an odour, spreading through the air,
capitivating every breath in me..
It was a touch,an invigorating stimulation,
sending ripples through me...
It was blissful, tons of joys and peace,
Filled my heart's treasury...
It was ephemeral, yet an indelible impression, 
left on my memory...
It was a moment, pristine love engendered,
Indeed in unison, we are meant to be....


  1. Nice read...A glimpse of my destiny...dats a great descryption of the feeling.

  2. ths lovely too :)

    hehe.. i knew u write poetry too, but since i ve read u more on jagruti, it feels weird to read this aspect of u :D

  3. @ richa ... firstly thanks .. glad u liked the poem and the template
    secondly ... weird ?
    really ?? why ???

  4. Even MEANT-TO-BE is only for a moment...and we shall enjoy such moments :)

    awesome poem here!


  5. @keshi

    yeah thts true .. even meant to be is only for a moment .. but as they say ... sometimes we can live a whole life in a moment .. ;)

  6. **sometimes we can live a whole life in a moment

    I agree!

    yes we can live a moment that lasts a lifetime :)


  7. why do i think that you've changed the way you wrote poetry?? was great as always...

  8. Woopsie, missed this...

    Well, *meant to be*... Ok, lemme put it his way. Isn't it how individuals feel? I mean... Anything that remains unfinished. Incomplete... (I stick with relationship here) We do end up feeling, *U and I are meant to be* even if fate deals another blow (Remember my poem - Fate, and the Fall?).

    Profound words... Keep 'em coming.

    And yes, I did note from the earlier comment. Certain moments ensure that we live a whole life in them. It comes a circle...


  9. @ shruti ...
    thanks dear and well i havent changed the style but the mood ... no pain, no sorow .. nothin dark in my poems or writings from now on .. i want a reader to feel light , fresh when he goes through this blog of mine ... even the colors used are very bright ...

  10. @ kartz ... yes because i din say we are meant to be forever

    is it important to call it meant to be only if two ppl actually lived together .. wwhat if they received the love from each other and were separated by fate ??? they still would hv tht contentment of having received the love ....

  11. Eggjacktly... Contentment of having reciprocated each other's love but somewhere, probably, the pangs of separation will persist.


  12. Beautiful way of describing the concept of soul mates... Whether we are there together or not..but...we are meant to be..Nice..

  13. It also says " I did rather love and lose the person than not having loved at all"... Philosophical...

  14. @ anonymous ..
    please leave ur name somewhere ..
    and thanks for the encouraging comments ...
    a poet is sometimes hungry for appreciation

  15. U ve earned the right to be appreciated...Coz ur poem makes a person "feel" the essence of Love.
    Sirf apne pyaar ke ehsaas ka zikr hain..not abt having or possessing it..In my's true love..1 in a million can feel this way..


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