Thursday, February 05, 2009

When life is beautiful, why do I need a reason to smile ...??

How often have we heard people preaching about how we should take pleasure in the small happinesses we find in life to ensure perennial joy in our life ? Often.Well, I guess I am going to do the same here, but in my own small way.

We often talk about perceptions and how the same action can evoke hundreds of different responses to it. We also go one step ahead and claim that one should be allowed to have his own sweet little perception and not try to impose pur perceptions on them. Right? I have faced many up's in my professional career and many downs in my emotional career. I was so divided between them that I perceived myself to be two different human beings in one body, two minds within a soul. I was so throttled by these two worlds that I began to loose grip over my sanity. Finally I decided to take a break, affect a hiatus on my emotional career and sideline it hoping that time would heal it as they say," Time heals everything". He he. The irony is that they also say ,"God helps those who help themselves" ;).

The only result of my action was a suffocation, a desire to breal free from those strangulating shackles; a desire to dive back into that quick sand. The dive would have only meant more misery. Hence I was left with a choice between suffocation and misery and as would be obvious it was a dilemma. I feel this a dilemma many of us face as things dear to our heart cannot be burried nor can they be simply vented out. We need to come to terms with them, take them along in our stride. Right? I guess I managed to do that by ensuring I amalgammate the two careers of my life and then weigh out the positive incidents with the negative ones. The balance was tilted in favour of the positive ones. The point was that I realised that I cannot have evrything in my life.  You win some, you loose some. This was the realisation that brought me back my sanity and more importantly an understanding of what had been happening in my life. By understanding I mean acceptance.

I guess this is the message I want to convey here. We cannot have evrything in life. It would do us good to juxtapose the good and the bad nad then see the brighter side of our whole life and not deal with it in parts . Like a song which would sound like a cacophony if some tunes in the middle were left out. So, go out there sing the whole song, not just a part of it and the music would only be sweet.


  1. hmmm.. but emotional career?? ths a new term u coined and a funny one.. so may i ask where d u see urslef 5 yrs down the line ;)

    jokes apart, this post is a serious one, so on serious notes, being emotional is a natural phenomenon and its okay to be so, strenght lies in handeling them and emerging out..

    i heard this in 'step up' movie and now quoting it "if it doesnt kill u, it makes u stronger"
    life goes on, weak moments come and pass, tough times dont last, tough people do..
    and reading ur post tells me tht u r tough :D

    all the best!!

  2. You pretty much summed it up - we cannot have everything in life.

    It is indeed about accepting what comes along and look ahead with confidence, come what may. The spirit should stay indomitable.


  3. @ richa

    he he yeah well... It feels good to say I have indeed pulled myself out of that hole.. :)

    @ Kartz .. yup thats pretty much it

  4. You know, am also going through such a phase, where i want to suppress my emotional upheavals,
    but then......
    And then, it is so easy to explain it to others these things like, time is the best healer, or find happiness in small moments, but Sid, it is sometime tough to explain it to ourselves. Rite?

  5. @ tushar ..
    it is always tough to explain things to one's self.. it has to come as a realisation

  6. Hi Friend,

    you have put it in nice words. 'Go out and sing the whole song' and in the process enjoy the song too.

    Your realization is quite true. Iam glad that you have shared your learnings with the fellow people. God Bless.

  7. So that's the new name - Towards Reclamation...nice to see you picking yourself up...this is like a standard thing I'm going to come back and read when I feel negative...its one super pep talk you've give urself...gud luck

  8. Good meaningful. Wish people understand what it takes to live on this planet. It is always the good, the bad and the ugly. Strive 2 achieve, be content and not greedy. Everyone has got a space 2 live and one must learn 2 live within that.

  9. @ jayram ...
    yes thats true indeed . thanks for dropping by

  10. good thinking sweetie, i m happy to have u back smiling in blogville, looking fwd to read u more.
    take care

  11. I love the message you have conveyed!More than that,I love the fact that you are back to being yourself :)

  12. @ cess .. tanks a ton di .. actually hv a lot of catchin up to do with you as well .. am nt finding the time for our webcam chats .. miss em ..

  13. @ sameera .. thanks dear .. i feel good about myself after many many years i should say .. i am peaceful and happy finally

  14. Good to know that u feel good about yourself after many many years...peaceful and happy finally..

  15. The toughest part is..on the path of are always on your own..alone...its your own journey on the road to realisation..


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