Monday, February 23, 2009

Love's dignity

The world may say, "Exaggeration!",
when I say,"I 'll love you forever".
It may brand my love,"desperation!",
When I say,"We'll spend every moment together".

The world will always create aberrations,
On the path of my love for you.
It shall always cast demeaning appellations,
At the pristine bond between me and you.

Today I stand amidst all of them,
Demanding the world to come to face with me.
For our Love's honour and dignity are due,
I will have it from them, even if death come to me...


  1. The world can be such a cruel place... Takes a lot to stand for your views. Whatever it is. Because doubting Thomases will always be there. And it doesn't take genius to figure *love* is one of those which sets people talking, doubting and as you put it - branding...

    Inspiring lines... To take flak on the chin and sustain your view, come what may.


  2. Do u really care about the world?

    PS: I have a problem posting comments.. I don't know what the issue is???

  3. @ swats ..
    I don't .. but I do care for the one I love ... and how the world is to them .. I am very protective not possessive

  4. Got some error... Posting again -

    Coming to think of it... This reminds me of one of your other poems - I think it is titled, "I will love you, come what may..." Or something like tht...


  5. i wish i could love sum1 like tht :)

  6. @Kartz ..
    hmmm .. i don remember tht myself .. :D
    may be possible but the dif will be the absence of any dark emotion here ..

  7. @ richa ..
    you most certainly will when you do ..

  8. The world says "desperation..exaggeration"...coz they feel love is not enough...
    They think the perfect partner brings the perfect love...
    But a lover fighting for his love's dignity...what more can a person ask for...

  9. nice bro..
    loved the last para the most

  10. @warm sunshine ..
    welcome here

    thanks bro ..

  11. Love makes you "deewana" :)

    (retrying to posta comment - hope it works this time)


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