Monday, February 09, 2009

My friend, you shall be ...

How often do friendships go bad because of an argument or disagreement over a point of view ? Over perceptions ? Why is it so important for us that our friends share the same point of view and perceptions as us ? Why is it that we try to own the person we are close with ? Why is it that we cannot live with the fact that our friends may not like everything in us ? Why is it that we expect our friends to endure all of the above ?

Friends have been vital to my existence and struggle. During the course of my life I made only a few of them, each as hard headed and as opinionated as yours truly. Many a times we fought ruthlessly over an issue and a few minutes after that resumed as if nothing happened. We dislike each other for many things yet hang out with each other. Is it desperation ? NO!!
The force has been our ability to understand that we are different individuals with different attributes, strengths and weaknesses. The bonding has existed because we know each one of us will be there for the other come what may. The contentment stems from the fact that we don't hide our feelings and grievances from each other. The assurance from the 'n' instances where they have not hesitated in highlighting their concerns over what I was doing. That has been the essence of my friendship with my friends and i cannot help but not find a single moment of regret with them. Such people will forever be my friends and this my definition of friendship.


  1. You spoke my thoughts, bro'...

    As I see it, from the friendships I struck with people - it was all about *acceptance*. Not just enjoying our similarities... More importantly, appreciating our differences. And continually cherishing the fact that friendship does make life a whole lot better...


  2. i love the first part of ur post it would be a great start for a speech on friendship :)
    Lucky are the people who are ur friends :)

  3. @ kartz..

    yep ... tht's pretty much it ..

    @ cess

    di .. thank you .. i am honoured to be ur lil bro .. :)

  4. WB!

    ur right abt true friends...they never hide their feelings. those who hide r not friends in the first place.

    So glad to hv ya bak and ty for dropping by my blog and letting me know!


  5. @ keshi .. thanks dear .. and dropping by your blog was something obvious .. had to be done ... :)

  6. hmm...yeah but I guess heated argument never come between friendships in my experience....nd the template looks good now.

  7. your definition of friendship seems to stem from acceptance. of people as they are.

  8. @ akshaya ..
    well i wud dare say you havent yet tasted all flavours of friendship then

    @ RukmaniRam ..

    ummm .. well yes you can say thats the basic idea

  9. So true.We should accept people for who they are and not what we want them to be.

    Nice thoughts dear :)

  10. @ sameera ..
    thanks .. welcome to my new blog ... :)

  11. Hey Welcome Back!!

    True Friends really are all of that, and much more... There are always these little things that totally get you mad but at the end of the day, you know that these are the guys who'll still stand by you! :)

    N thanks for stopping by my blog! I struggle to take some time out n write!

  12. welcome back bro...

    nice to see you back

    be regular now...

    at least u could have told me about this blog..

    anyways me here:

  13. @ gauri thanks kidooo...

    @ 007 aka vicky
    shukriya bhai .. will be over to your place soon ...

    @ Thinking soul

    thanks dear and stopping by your blog was my pleasure totally ..

  14. You have the gift to analyze your thoughts...simplify them and put them down...the best part is you have the courage to do it..

  15. Very well said..
    life is like that..
    the one with whom u have such funny moments(teasing) will always be remembered...
    debates and arguments are two different things ppl dont understand.
    They feel like doing debate for timepass and end up in arguments which is bad...
    Atlast we end up with few good frnds..


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